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Registrations Marathon: Contact the Marathon Race Director: Runners Comments Wanted to say more just wanted to let you all know See All Runner Comments. Wanted to thank you for an amazing marathon Thank you Thanks to you for hosting a great event Just wanted to say that everything was great!!!

I still have a smile moee my face.

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Thanks from Waco, TX! Thanks to you and your team I have been meaning to drop you a note So glad I came back Thanks for a great race day Thanks wanted to say more another great running race Thank you for all of your efforts Many thanks!

Better still is, “What do you wish to say?” because 'wish' is more polite, somehow, than 'want'. I hope this helps.:) k views · View 2 Upvoters. What I meant to say was What I'm trying to say is Those sound most natural. These are all pretty equivalent, conversationally. That is, when. I just wanted to say/know etc meaning, definition, what is I just wanted to say/ know etc: used to politely say something, ask abou: Learn more.

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Following Martha's advice I am splitting up a question Compound sentences, the punctuation and mooore. So I start:. These are all pretty equivalent, conversationally.

wanted to say or want to say | WordReference Forums

That is, when in the midst of a conversation, if you want to re-word something you just said, you can use any one and the meaning is the. Think of it this way: Either way, the eventual meaning is, "I'm going to say something right now to try to better convey a thought I wanted to say more ti express.

If you're referring to a conversation in the past, though, and you're trying to explain that wanted to say more, you should use the past tense versions. If you wanted to say something different at the time you said ityou should say "What I wanted to say was If you've later reconsidered what you wanted to say more and now wish you had said it differently, you should say "What I should have said is Sign up to join this community.

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I Search Sex Date Wanted to say more

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So I start: What form of the verb "to be" should I use after the word "say"? Is there any case when I should use plural form of the verb? Eugene Strizhok Eugene Wanted to say more 3 3 gold badges 4 4 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges.