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So long stuff white there have been Richard Pryors to Dave Chappelles in this world, there have been white people to provide them with copious amounts of fodder for comedy.

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As a Caucasian I can attest white people do weird stuff, stuff white it's funny. Now finally someone stuff white come along to chronicle all those crazy things that white folks.

Stuff White People Like keeps a handy log of all sorts of things adored by the pigmentally challenged: Lots of other stuff that's in Wired a lot! whige

What's even better are the handy explainers stuff white to why white folks like this crap. Example, from 47 Art Degrees:.

When white people go away to college, they stuff white to study what are knowns as the Arts. These degrees enable white people to spend four years of their lives reading books, writing papers and feeling great about themselves.

They use this to protest for reduced tuition, more money for the arts, and special reduced student rates on stuff white like bus passes. Whit stuff white easy explanation for everything! There's currently some debate about this in one comments section of the blogbut it seems the site is all-in-good-fun satire.

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And fun it is. Just remember you heard it here. Then, please come.

He's white. He's making fun of.

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting piece. Example, from 47 Art Degrees: View Comments.

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More culture. Julie Muncy Julie Muncy. Depth of Field.

Jason Parham Jason Parham. The Monitor.

Angela Watercutter Angela Watercutter.