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Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842

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Joseph Alves passed on October 19,and was buried married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 the Biloxi Cemetery. While unloading an oyster schooner at the factory, Alves fell through a hole in the wharf and suffered bodily harm for which litigation was brought against the Sea Food Company. In Februarythe Mississippi Supreme Court upheld the lower courts decision in favor of Alves against the defendant.

The History of Saucier, Mississippi - The Saucier Family Genealogy

The Daily Herald, February 26,p. Mable T. She expired at Ocean Springs on May 27, Buried in the Biloxi City Cemetery. The Sun Herald, May 29,p. Raphael P.

Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842

Alvescalled Ralph, was born at Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 on October 25, He married Willine Wright. Inhe was a fisherman employed with the Moore Seafood Company and residing with his mother. Alves was a maintenance technician for a food equipment company.

His corporal remains were sent to the Biloxi City Cemetery for burial. The Daily Herald, September 2,p. Sorci, the son of Mr.

No children? The Daily Gulrport, June Miswissippi,p. Daniel Joseph Alves. They were residents of Houston, Texas in August John, Ray, and Gail Alves.

Buddy expired before May The Daily Herald, January 17,p. Helen Alves. Helen Alves married Wadja. Anthony, John, Eugene, Jeanne W. Francisco Arguelles married Bridgett McNerney Augustine Arguelles m. Dudley H. Lang ; Mary Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 arab free sex Sasebo Francis Arguelles b.

Arguelles m. Alphonsine Roux m. Julius S. Sablich; Rose Ida Arguelles m. Andrew J. Whelan Augustine Arguelles.

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Augustine Arguelles was born in Biloxi, Mississippi. Catholic Church in Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842, Mississippi. Robert D. Lang ; Nettie Eugenie Lang m. Charles M. Wilkes ; and Warren Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 Lang m. Katherine Hecht Mary Arguelles. Mary Arguelles was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on September 24, Francis Arguelles.

Francis Arguelles was born October 11, Hungarian wife Arguelles. She was baptized January 23, at Nativity B. Lepre,p. Bridget expired on May 18, Joseph P. Arguelles and Louise Eva Bellman.

Arguelles Family housewives looking casual sex Mills New Mexico George H. Arguelles ; Lillian Arguelles ; Joseph P. Courtesy of Mike Arguelles. Joseph Peter Arguelles was born UGlfport 25, They were the parents eleven children of which nine were living when they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in February Warren P. Fay Husley ; Albert J. Alice Rayburn ; George 184. Winnie C.

Morris m. Frederick D. Hugh E. Kirkland and Abbie I.


George Pavlov ; and Louise Arguelles Bellman He married Fay Husley Warren had made his livelihood as a transit operator. He commenced his transportation career with the Mississippi Coast Traction Company married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 a street car operator. When it was acquired by Mississippi Power Company he continued in the industry and retired after fifty-three years when he worked for the Municipal Transit Lines.

Arguelles was survived by his wife; Dorothy 'Dot' Arguelles m. Harold M. Seitz, his daughter, and five sisters: Florence T. Arguelles ; Bernadine W. Arguelles ; Lillian M. Arguelles ; Louise Arguelles ; and Cecile A. Pavlov m. George Pavlov The Daily Herald, August 13, Arguelles expired on August 1, Albert J.

Albert Joseph Arguelles was born December 11, He married Elenore Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842. Ruth Bernadine Arguelles. Francis C. He married Alice Rayburna native of New Orleans.

Douglas J. Arguelles ; Lytle Arguelles; Frank C. Joseph Marine Rosetti and John L. Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 of Alice R. Alice Rayburn Arguelles, widow of Frank C. Arguelles was 71 years of age. Arguelles Jr. Arguelles was born in New Orleans and had been a resident of Biloxi since She married Frank C.

Arguelles in Harrison County, Mississippi on June 14, In addition to Mullet Arguelles, she was the mother of: Peter Arguelles; Mrs.

John L. King of Gulfport, Mississippi. Alice was survived by her children; a sister, Mrs. Charles Harvey of Los Angeles, California; and fourteen grandchildren. She gat teen chat preceded in death by a son, Douglas Joseph Arguelles Harrison Co. He married Winnie C. Morris in Harrison County, Mississippi on April 2, Dorothy Cobb; Ivon Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 Arguelles m. Mary Louise Lesso Arguelles died on July 26, Commander John 'Jack' R.

The Daily Herald, July 16,p.

Ethel A. She died July 28, at the Biloxi Hospital following emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix. Miss Arguelles was a Biloxi High School graduate. The Daily Herald, July 28,p. Florence Theresa Arguelles was born June 10, Bernadine W. Lillian M. Louise Lonely lady looking hot sex Silver Spring. Cecile A. Johanna Arguelles. Catholic Church in Biloxi. Johanna and Lars Peter Eskald were the parents of two children: Robert P.

Eskald m. Ethel E. Jones guya Dorothy B. Glfport John Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842. Rosa Ida Arguelles. Catholic Church. Whelanhad been born. Andrew like many of Irish ancestry made his livelihood as a drayman at this time.

Rose Arguelles and Andrew J. Whelan had two married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 sons: Whelan Jr. Bernice Kettenring and Daniel J. Whelan m. Beatrice Muldoon When James F. Whelan chose to become a Catholic priest, it probably came as no surprise Gulfort the family, as Father James F. Whelanhis uncle and namesake, was ordained in June as a Lazarist Father of St. At the time he was rector at St. The New Orleans Item, June 27,p.

Father James F. The Times-Picayune, December 17,p. Internment in St. Patrick Cemetery No. The Times-Picayune, February 4,p. Biloxi, Mississippi Joseph Bakeler and Arthur Francis Bakeler In JuneMr. Bakeler exhibited a large red snapper frozen in a pound block of ice by the Hygeia Ice Works. The Piscean sculpture made an attractive exhibit.

The Biloxi Herald, June married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842,p. Bakeler"August 16,p.

Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842

Historical research and writing are fun. Since moving to Ocean Springs in MayI have enjoyed visiting the libraries and courthouses, reading old newspapers, and conversing with others interested in the local history of coastal Mississippi. In the process of assimilating new knowledge, I married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 made discoveries about our Family Bellande. I would like marrier thank Louis E. Bellande Jr. Locally, Regina Hines, J. Lemon, and Murella Powell have been of great assistance and support in making From Marseille To Mississippi a better document.

I personally again thank all of you who responded with letters and calls after receiving your first addition. Please enjoy this, your Family History "its the only one you've got". Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 always appreciate comments and criticism. Thank you again for your support and patience. Heidi Balje Good was born in Germany in Zoe was the youngest marries of Private chat free H. Bellande b. Their children are: Sebastian b.

Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 L. He is the great grandson of Antoine V. He has published several books: The Bellande Cemetery: Bellande attended Biloxi parochial and public schools. He matriculated at New Mexico Tech inand graduated with a B. Bellande was employed by Humble Oil ExxonTenneco, and others before becoming an independent geologist and oil operator at Lafayette, Prostitution in santo domingo dr in His oil exploration activities brought him to many petroleum provinces as he has resided or worked in Louisiana, California, Alaska, Texas, Single muslim login, Malaysia, Singapore, Mississippi, and Alabama.

This story commences in Marseille, France. Marseille with a population approaching one million people is the second largest married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 in France and the nation's chief port. There is some archaeological evidence to suggest that Phoenicians settled here even earlier. Marseille has always been France's gateway to the East. Since ancient times, both the goods and culture of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have entered Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 at the Marseille docks.

The economy of Marseille is based on trade and manufacturing. The city's port handles about a third of the traffic of all French seaports. Industries in the area process chemicals, food, and petroleum from many parts of the world. Until the intensified police action of the early s, it was a center for the manufacture and shipping of drugs, especially heroin.

I drove a rental car from Nice to Marseille, an woman want real sex Burlington Flats New York day drive.

My arrival in the large port city took place late in the afternoon. A search of the local telephone directory for the name Bellande surprised me as their were only a few listed. One was an Andre' Bellande, le medcin medical doctor.

Gulfport was not established until , two years after the town of Saucier was Samuel Bernard, a Catholic, married Martha Ann Moore (), daughter of a . This gave employment to a large number of men who established their. With about miles of man-made white sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, Gulfport is one of the fastest growing In the meantime he built up his practice and married Hattie Lott of Mobile, AL. Joseph Thomas Jones (). Married sex in Preston Heights I Am Ready Sexual Encounters. 22 looking for love 22 Scarborough 22 Married Gulfport Mississippi guys Sex clubs Fort.

Rather than telephone, Dr. Bellande, I chose to take a taxi to his domicile the following morning. This was a mistake as he was tuys. His duties that day took him into the country side making house calls.

I did meet his delightfully charming wife, Rene'e, and her children. They were all quite surprised marired meet this American men getting fucked up the ass Although I remained in Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 for only one day, I was able to establish good relations for future communications. Jean Bellande, the uncle of Andre', related that the marriee was married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 from two French words, Bel beautiful and Lande, an evergreen tree which is prevalent in the area around the city of Bordeaux in southwest France.

The Department or State in which Bordeaux is situated is called Landes for the trees. Lambert, Quebec, Canada. Messieur Bellande was told by his family that "the Bellandes were Jewish originating from a little town called Uppsala in Sweden and that they went afterward to live in Bordeaux".

A copy of this letter is included in the appendix of this document as it is a valuable reference for clues to the relationship fat old man gay the Bellande families of Haiti, Canada, the United States, and Gulfpoft French cities of Marseille and Bordeaux.

His father and grandfather were naval workers, probably caulkers, in a local shipyard. Antoine left his native 11842 as a deck hand on a vessel at the age of twenty-two years, and arrived in New Orleans in Shortly, he joined his "brother" in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 I Wants Couples

I use "brother" because at this time there was a Joseph H. Bellande, also a French immigrant, Gulfporh. Heidi B. Good whose husband, Paul, is related to Joseph H. Bellande has done an excellent job of researching Joseph and his family. I will present shortly in this text her story of Joseph for your general information and. It should group sex with lesbians some of the questions about the "other" Bellande Family of the Gulf Coast region who you may recognize as a relative.

The true relationship between Antoine and Joseph Bellande is not yet known. We believe Joseph was born in France in October, From the information currently available, I conclude that Joseph H. Bellande and Antoine were half brothers. Joseph may have been a bastard son martied Jean Antoine Joseph whose birth was not recorded? The strongest evidence for a relationship is the fact that they were both listed as heirs in the succession of Jean Antoine Joseph Bellande dated December 18,in Marseille.

As they were residing in the United States at this time and failed to appoint an attorney to represent them in Marseille, their inheritance was lost. It appears from the legal instrument that married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 father left a house at No.

Barnabe Boulevard in Marseille. Let married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 now enjoy the life of Joseph H.

Bellande as told by Heidi B. Joseph Bellande was born in France, probably Marseille, in October He arrived in this country inaccording to his statement on the census local horny girls Martinique head sc He is believed to have come first to New Orleans. It is not known when or why he arrived in Ocean Springs, Mississippi where he lived out how to fall out of love with my boyfriend rest of his life.

Inas husband of one of the heirs of the "Widow" LaFontaine property, he received title to approximately 20 acres of land in the heart of present day Ocean Springs. Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842he warranted a deed to Bishop William H. Elder measuring x feet for the site of St. From tomarried Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 sold much of his land, some to his children, some to local residents Gregoir Weider and George and E.

Davis, and some to Albert G. Tedo of New Orleans. As far as can be determined, none of the original holdings belong to any family members. He was the father of eleven children.

They are Cherie Marcellus b. Not much is yet known about the personal life of Joseph Bellande. His family Bible, in French, was recently discovered in the home of one of his descendants, as well as some legal documents and personal papers in the form of a journal.

All of these were handwritten in French. Gay massage cornwall legal documents would seem to indicate he was related to a later French immigrant seaman named Bellande - Antoine Bellande, "the Captain", who arrived in this country in It appears they were brothers or half brothers, sons of Jean Joseph Marie Antoine Bellande of Marseille, a caulker in the shipbuilding business.

An aspect about Joseph's personal life that married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 him a particularly intriguing figure was handed down through the family lore of one of his descendants, but has not yet been substantiated. Geneva Eliska, the eldest daughter of Joseph's youngest child Zoe, knew her grandfather completely free sugar daddy websites be a former priest, excommunicated on the event of his marriage to Rosaline Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842.

She recalled that he had gotten into some political difficulties with the Church, and upon the advice of his friends who feared for his life, he fled France. His writing would indicate that Joseph remained a deeply religious man, his journals consisting of many prayers for the hours of the day, the Stations of the Cross, married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 the like.

One can only speculate on the inner torment of this man, who despite his excommunication, raised his family in the Catholic Church, was denied admission to the funeral mass on married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 occasion of the death of his wife Rosalie of asthma in January of He sat sobbing out-side St.

Alphonsus Church on that Tuesday afternoon. This was witnessed by his eleven year old granddaughter, Geneva Eliska. He lived in his house on LaFontaine Avenue for another 13 years, outliving seven of his children. He provided a home for his daughter Azalie Reus and her two children after she was deserted by her husband. On June 16,he was married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 his deathbed.

Father Peter de Gruyter, the Belgian pastor of St. Alphonsus who was apparently disliked by the entire congregation, came to Joseph, presumably to administer the last rites and hear his confession. According to Church records, the dying man cursed the priest out of his house. Joseph is buried in the Bellande Cemetery, his grave marked by a cedar cross, now gone. The history of Joseph and Rosaline's children can be deduced from census records, wills, and other legal documents, church records, newspaper obituaries, notes found in the Family Bibles, and remembrances of descendants that have thus far been located.

The legal action will be referred to again in relation to each of the children. He enlisted on October 22,in Mobile, Alabama, when his youngest sister, Zoe, was just a few months old. Nine months later, he was captured near Atlanta, Georgia on August 5, Online chat with shemale was sent to military prison in Camp Chase, Ohio, and remained there for nine months, being paroled May 2, He was exchanged for a Union prisoner and moved to New Orleans.

They had no children. Marcellus Bellande expired at New Orleans on June 2, His wife Rosina lived until Alphonsus Church in Ocean Springs. Her sister, Rose Azalie, was one of the witnesses. John was a house carpenter, and the family lived in the house next to Joseph's.

John died sometime between and They had four children: AnnaJosephGeorgeand Arthur After her husband's death, she continued to live in Ocean Springs with her sons George and Arthur, both fisherman. Byshe had moved to Biloxi and was living with her widowed daughter-in-law Alice, a dressmaker, who had married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 her oldest son Joseph, and her son George. She must have died beforeas only her three surviving children, Anna, George, and Arthur are mentioned in the land dispute.

Anna married Arnold "Boy" Catchot inand ladies wants casual sex Paris Pennsylvania 15021 a large family. George also lived in New Orleans.

It is not yet known whether he had a family. Arthur lived in Biloxi, and married Angelina from Italy and had a least two children, Juanita and Geneva Honore Bellande. His Aunt Laura Ryan Bellande was one of the sponsors at his baptism. Honore died a year later on September 19, They had a daughter named Sue. Judge E. Illing performed married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 the ceremony.

Richards of Ocean Springs on December 26, They were divorced in the Chancery Court at Jackson County in According to Cause No. Reuben L. Richards married Miss Lena Spradley in They had a son, Lloyd Richards. Richards worked many years Gulfporrt Mrs. Adolph did not mqrried with Beulah very long. He was a member of married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 Woodmens of the World Satsuma His son, Gene, went on to become a renowned fisherman, had many postcards of himself made as a Misissippi man.

He was known ubiquitously as the "Flounder King". He and his mother, Beulah, were the defendants in the land dispute, and all the other Bellande heirs were the complainants.

Gene was married to Mary Josephine Walker of Gulfport. They had six children, some of whom still reside in the Biloxi-Ocean Springs area. His children are Ellen Louise B. Ellen Louise Bellande. She expired on January 21, They were both interred in the Evergreen Cemetery at Gulfport, Mississippi. MRB 81, p. Lee Jeanette Bellande. Blanchard on June 7, He was the son of Lee J.

Blanchard and Amelia Robicheaux Jeanette made her livelihood as a nurse. She was the mother of: Leroy F. Gullfport Jr. Barbara Faircloth; David L. Blanchard Sr. Blanchard was a member of the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church. She died at Biloxi on January 8, Jeanette B.

The Sun Herald, January 10,p. Mississilpi E. He made his livelihood on the sea. They divorced in July Eva expired at Jackson, Mississippi ladies want real sex NC Ash 28420 December 4, Her corporal remains were interred in married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 Adam E.

Bellande family plot at the Evergreen Cemetery at Ocean Springs. Chancery Court Cause No. She was the daughter of Louis R. Ross and Aldora Esma Arcement. They divorced in November The Bay Press, October 12,p. Billy Bellande passed on at Biloxi married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 January 22, He was of the Lutheran faith.

His corporal remain were interred in the Biloxi City Cemetery. The Sun Herald, January 23,p.

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Lane F. Lashbrook and Martha E. Bellande Martha E. Martha Elizabeth Bellande was born April 16, at Biloxi. She married Lane F. Lashbrook married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 they were the parents of three sons: Daly city escorts expred on July 11, at Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Lashbrook died on May housewives looking nsa Newcastle-upon-Tyne, The Sun Herald, July 13,p. A6 and May 30,p. Betty Faye Bellande. Betty Faye Bellande was born at Biloxi on March 27, She expired at Danville, Alabama on July 20, Betty Faye and Hasbur W.

Denning were the parents of: Joseph H. Hasbur W. Denning expired on October 16, at his home in Danville. He was born Dec. He retired from the U. A military graveside service for Hasbur W. The Hartselle Inquirer, October 16, Billy Ray Bellande Sr. She married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 the daughter of Patrick Ashworth and Ila?

Ashworth Bennett. Sue Bellande was the mother of: Billy Ray Bellande Jr. Stephanie A. Munoz b. His corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi City Cemetery. The Sun Herald, July 10,p. Joseph Bellande Jr. The fate of this son is unclear. A note was found among his father's papers saying Joseph died October 28, No mention of his death is found in the Family Bible. He lived married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 his father on Washington Avenue when he was in Ocean Springs.

He made his living as a bartender. Clem Bellande was an excellent sailor and well known in racing circles along the Mississippi gulf coast. Orey Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 once said: According to Walter F.

Clem Bellande married twice, first to Lydia Miller They had a ward living with them in the census, eleven-year old Olpha M. Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 Lumber Company being now stationed at Indianola, Mississippi. InJoseph sold Clement some land on Porter Avenue. Much later, when widower Clement married a second time, to Lucille Vinot of New Orleans, he apparently spent most of his time there, living at Royal Street.

There he was a grocery wagon driver. He died May 19,and is buried in Ocean Springs. His wife remained in New Orleans and died in She received a settlement from the land settlement. Nothing further is known about. No heir of his is mentioned in the land settlement. His death is recorded in the family Bible as May 4, On January 29,at her father's house she married Michael Reus.

She had three children: While she was pregnant with the last one, she went to her father's house for her confinement at her husband's request. During her absence, Michael sold their house and possessions and left. Azalie filed for divorce on grounds of desertion, and it was granted in August of She lived at her parent's house until the time of her father's death, in married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 She inherited the house, but later moved to Mobile, Alabama, and lived there with her son, Bruno Reuss, normal swf seeks tall boating swm his married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842.

Mike was attempting to steal a ride to New Orleans. He nude girl in trondheim and had a son named Robert Reuss b. His wildness was corroborated inas Marcellus died, gunned down in a street fight at Ocean Springs on Friday, October His very young widow Lillian, a child bride, decided she was unable to raise their son alone, so Robert grew up with his cousins, the children of Bruno.

She apparently did not remarry, for she received a settlement horny swinging Cardigan the land dispute, and was referred to as Mrs. Lillian Reus, of Ocean Springs. He had six children, who live in the Mobile area, some still in the original house Bruno bought and have possession of the Family Bible and other old documents.

His profession is unknown, as is his marital status. Andrew and St. Mary Street in New Orleans. He also lived in or visited Houston, Texas, where his youngest sister Zoe and her family lived. Why either of them went there is unknown. In any case, John died there on April 5,of consumption. He was buried in Ocean Springs.

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He had been a member of the Knights of Pythias. No descendants were mentioned in the land settlement. There she probably met and married Adam Bultman and had at least three children.

By the time of the land settlement she had died, and her heirs Mississipppi given as Adam Bultman, Viola Bultman, and Mrs. He was first employed by Messrs. Baldwin and Co. The obituary, which includes a line drawing of Adolph with a very large mustache states, among other things "Last Sunday night death claimed another victim which takes from New Orleans a married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 citizen, from a prominent firm a trusted employee, from a wife a loving husband, and from his children a fond father, Adolph Bellande.

His illness was of short married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842, for the end came quickly and was a sad blow to his wife and friends who were not prepared for the result, as Mr. Bellande possessed a strong constitution. He began sinking rapidly, and half an hour past midnight on Sunday grim death had 1482 its. And sometime during this year, their last child Albert was born.

Their first child, Louisa Eveline had only lived for three and one half years. Two children did grow into adulthood: Eugene Henry and 2. Both of them received a settlement in the land dispute. Both of them married and raised magried in the New Orleans area, and were involved with police work. Eugene married Antoinette Cuccia and had two children, Louise E. Singer and Joseph Albert.

He apparently worked for the sheriff's office, as did son Joseph who died in Albert married Agnes Duffy and had two children, Albert, Jr. He free forced japanese sex worked for the State Registration Department.

Albert Jr. He currently lives in Picayune, Mississippi. Like his women sexy men grandfather Joseph, his work involved the sea, Missisxippi was probably employed with the Delta Steamship Company. Simmons and and Harriet H.

Badon on December 8, Simmons married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 a carpenter while Harriet helped support the family working as a seamstress. Their first child, Geneva Eliska, was born December Mississippii, Sometime later, Maurice loaded his possessions, wife, and young children into a cart drawn by a mule and headed west.

They settled in Houston, Texas on South Street, which is now obliterated by Interstate 45 north of the downtown area. While he was an accomplished carpenter, he made his living as a fisherman in Galveston Bay and even had a house on a small island. It was known as Simmons Island in his honor, located across from Seabrook.

Both the island and married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 no longer exist, having sunk sometime afterthe victim of a hurricane. Wife, Zoe, had five more children in Houston: Elwood Raymond b. September 23,Stella Edith date unknown, stillborn? October Zoe died of "blood poisoning" several days later on the 27th of October.

Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 is buried in the Hollywood Cemetery in Houston. Four of her children received a settlement from the land dispute: Geneva Eliska, 2. Elwood, 3.

Claude and 4. Farrely, all residing in the Houston areas. They remained in Houston and had three children: Allen Thomas Jr. Russell married Fern Yvonne Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 and they have three children: They Misslssippi still in the greater Houston area. Ora Clotile was a school teacher and taught high school biology for many years.

Paul married biologist Heidi Balje in and islands lonely love have four children: SebastianAdrianeMarianand Elisabeth They all live in the greater Houston area. Harriet Rosalie ? Elwood Raymond "Son" ?

Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842

They had two girls, Cecilian and Margaret Let us now return Gulfpot the life of Antoine V. It is generally believed he settled in Ocean Springs about During the early years of the Civil War, Captain Bellande ran the Union blockade for the Confederacy making many trips to Cuba for cargoes of food, tobacco, paper, gin, and munitions.

It was a lucrative business. It was stolen from him, but he later caught the guilty party. It has been reported that Bellande completed his last voyage with Southern contraband just three days before Farragut captured UGlfport Orleans in Aprileliminating it as a blockade running port. His schooner was commandeered and he found himself transporting brick from New Orleans to Ship Island for the married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 of Fort Massachusetts.

Work on the island fort had commenced in by the United States, and was interrupted by a hurricane in A Confederate force married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 the outpost in January Union forces recaptured Ship Island in Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 Dunnand Elizabeth Catchot Camba Dunn Courtesy of Walter F.

Camba Jr. Inthe Confederacy attempted to draft him, but Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 Bellande didn't approve of the idea. He was residing in Ocean Springs at the time. Amrried conscript officer was invited to have a drink with him at the Ocean Springs Hotel before they set out to join the Confederate Army.

He managed guyx get the officer drunk and slipped away. He offered his services to Admiral Farragut as a ship pilot. He had become acquainted with the great admiral at Pascagoula where Farragut would visit his sister Mrs.

Although serving as a Union pilot in earlyAntoine Bellande at the age of thirty-five years officially entered the Union Gulfpoft as an acting ensign and pilot on December 16, Miississippi served primarily on the US Steamer, Cowslip.

The steamer was feet long and had a 7' draft. It was armed with a 20 pound rifled cannon and two pound smoothbore cannon. She carried officers and men as well as delivering mail, stores, guns, and munitions for her squadron. Cowslip also delivered provisions for refugees. The vessel was so versatile that it was used as, a tow, convoy steamer, rescue and salvage guyw, and also served as a Gultport and patrol vessel. Mobile No Strings Attached Sex CO Pueblo 81005. It was at married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 Battle of Mobile Bay in Augustthat Captain Bellande experienced an exciting chapter in his long life.

He was assigned by Admiral David Farragut to pilot the Union barkentine rigged, screw sloop, Monongahela. She had seen action at Port Hudson, Louisiana March, MayDonaldsonville, Louisiana July,and participated in a wanting to fuck Pietradefusi of Texas coastal married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 before returning to blockade duty off Mobile in marrid summer of Their orders were to run the ram Tennessee down, while the others pitched in to do her whatever damage they could manage with their Missssippi.

On August 28,he received his command as Captain. He was discharged from military duties on October 1st or September 23, ; documents record 2 dates because of a physical disability resulting from wounds received at Cold Harbor.

On October 7,he applied margied a military pension that was denied. He went back to Philadelphia and with the money he had saved from his military pay, he took care of his mother and, being crippled, learned to married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 with crutches. History of the Melodia E. The life story of Joseph T.

Jones is the quintessential American story of a poor boy making his fortune by intelligence, hard work, and good luck. Born in Philadephia ladies want real sex MD Glyndon 21071he grew Gulfportt poor, his father having died when he was two.

When the Civil War broke, he enlisted in the 91st Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers for three years. He survived the battles of Fredericksburg and Gettysburg, acquiring promotions regularly until he reached the ranks of Acting Captain ingiving him the title which he used for the rest of his life.

In the Battle of Cold Harbor in June,a shell exploded at his feet, severly wounding both; he lay for 24 hours in a trench before aid reached. He never fully recovered from these wounds, though Missiesippi would not prove a hindrance in his quest for financial solvency for his mother and matried. Inhe followed many others to the oil rush in western Pennsylvania date ideas in victoria bc try his luck at drilling for oil.

But he drilled one more well, which was successful; he was 25 years old. Using shrewd business 11842, he was able to store oil until prices went up, pay his debts, then construct a pipeline to transport oil from oil fields to railroads. This he merged with the Standard Oil Company in He married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 joined with another entrepreneur to form the Bradford Oil Company. When investors feared a glut of oil, he bought their shares and bygujs had wells in production, more than any other individual oil producer marrird the country.

Biloxi Families

married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 With his profits, Joseph T. Jones turned his attention to the booming Niagara Frontier, moving to Buffalo in to Delaware, into a house that had several previous owners. The location is now covered by Canisius High School. Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 some years, he commuted to Missizsippi offices in Pennsylvania untilwhen he moved his headquarters to the Prudential building in Guuys. In guyx, he determined to build a harbor on the Gulf of Mexico shores of Mississipi to permit shipment of timber from 63, acres of southern yellow pine which he owned.

Despite U. To finish the transportation system he envisioned for the lumber business, he partnered with William Hardy to complete the construction of a mile railroad, the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad, linking Biloxi to the harbor, which he called Gulfport.

Between anda billion horny girls in Covington vt feet of timber was shipped from Gulfport.

Frommore timber was shipped married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 Gulfport than from any other port in the world. He had founded a city where none existed, constructing the headquarters building of skype womens id Gulf and Island Railroad and the huge Great Southern Hotel, where he and his family stayed while visiting.

He built a golf course and yacht club. The U. He was enormously wealthy, but his son died in at the age of He suffered setbacks from Gulf Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 hurricanes and national economic panics. Even after suffering a stroke in at Gulfport, he continued working with the assistance of his daughter. He and his family moved to North Street, to a house built in for John Bemis and designed by J. Her father was a Methodist Episcopal minister. She was well educated, fluent in German and French, accomplished at the piano, and a graduate of Mount Union College.

They married in had two children, Joseph Albert and Grace. Jones and his wife, Melodia, involved themselves in Buffalo organizations and philanthropy.

After her husband's death inMassage happy ending women. She was immediately named president of the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad, and managed the Great Gorge Route as well as "large enterprises in Chicago" and oil properties. She also expanded her philanthropic efforts in Buffalo, becoming a director of the Buffalo Association for the Blind. Adam Memorial Hospital to promote treatments for tuberculosis.

She also made possible the purchase of a new home married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 that Association at Ellicott Street. She also provided the Red Cross with a home. For this, the French government awarded her the Legion of Honor, France's highest honor; she was the first American woman to receive it. When she died in her home on North Street on March 11,her honorary pall bearers included Frank B.

Baird, Howard R. Bissell, Walter P. Cooke, Albert H. Schoellkopf, Dr. Married Gulfport Mississippi guys 1842 E. Gerrans. Buffalo Truth magazine said of her, " After all, this is what really matters in any appraisal of an individual life.

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Descendents of Captain and Melodia Jones continued with philanthropic activities. Daughter Grace Jones Stewart, indonated a tract of land along the shore in Gulfport for the establishment of a park to honor her father; she was on the board of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra Society.