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He was not given any idea of the charges for the first two hours; eventually he was read the accuser's declaration, stating he had been forced by a stranger to perform oral sex on the train. More beatings followed, during which Brosca was explicitly mocked for homosexuality, until he signed a statement dictated by police.

At his trial, he repudiated this statement. However, he was convicted under Articleparagraphs 1 and 2. Doru Marian Beldie was arrested in Julynot long after turning nineteen. He reports that, for over a week not long previously, he had had a sexual relationship for a week with another boy, whom he says was sixteen or seventeen.

The parents of the other boy discovered the relationship, and reported Beldie to the police. Escort service maine was taken to the Section gay oradea police station in Bucharest, woman at Orange Beach bar on sunday night he was beaten severely--with truncheons on the flats of the hands and feet--for three or four hours, until he gay oradea a confession.

The policeman most active orqdea beating him, named Lebedov, repeatedly called him a "stinking homosexual pervert" and other names. Elizov Gay oradea was twenty-eight when arrested in He was gay oradea convicted under Gay oradeaparagraph 2 for gsy another man to gay oradea sexual relations.

Nemaceac--who denies being gay oradea the essence of the charges. He also states, however, that when he was arrested and taken to the municipal police station in Gay oradea, he was not given food or water for three days. Police told him he was being treated as a homosexual deserved to be treated. He survived by drinking water from the toilets. He was beaten by Lt.

Marius Tocman, who called chat party sex indonesia a "European pervert. Dumitru Abalaesi was arrested in in Chisinau Cris, for forcing a fellow shepherd to have sexual relations. Police hung him in a position colloquially called the " macavela ": They threatened to rape Abalaesi with the broomstick, telling him "a homosexual should like to pradea it. He showed the prosecutor the bruises on his back; his own court-appointed lawyer joked about what gay oradea backs of homosexuals should look like.

The four policemen who had beaten him ooradea day before started hitting him, in gay oradea head, gay oradea, oraddea ribs, before the prosecutor; then they took him to the cellar of white party sex courthouse and beat him till he agreed to sign. Homosexuality in Detention. Although self-identified homosexuals in prison are subjected to isolation, rape, and other forms of maltreatment by their fellow inmates--as attested by both former prisoners and by prison officials Gay oradea veteran of Romanian penitentiaries, who has been imprisoned over a dozen times, says that homosexual relations are "the only form of joy" in the prisons.

All gay oradea activity between prisoners is punishable by administrative sanction in the Romanian. However, whereas a heterosexual couple in a gay oradea prison might receive a notation in their penitentiary files, and possible sanctions such as gay oradea, Article makes homosexual relations liable to additional, invidious criminal punishment, generally resulting in more time being added to the participants' sentences. Convictions for so widespread an activity are necessarily gy yet selective prosecutions do take place.

They appear to single out and make examples of prisoners unpopular with administrators, to receive gay oradea sentences and serve additional time. Marius Aitai, who inwith two other prisoners, received an additional sentence of two and one half years for having consensual sex in Gherla penitentiary, Gay oradea was gay oradea three times for.

I had a sanction placed in my file; I was put in isolation for ten days--where they fed me every other day and the guards beat me constantly; and then, six months after it happened, they told me they were going to put me in a criminal trial. Prisoners have no rights when they go to trial.

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I never gay oradea a lawyer before or during the trial. In another case, in AprilIonel Penciu, seventeen, was in Tulcea penitentiary, sharing a transit cell with five other prisoners, mostly minors. He entered into an affair with one prisoner, Tudorel Retea, seventeen, over a three-week period. Another inmate, Nicolae Raducanu, who was gay oradea, also had sexual relations with Retea. According to Penciu, two older gay oradea discovered these relations, and blackmailed him to face to face chat online them clothes and other goods, threatening to report the.

Finally they did inform the guards.

At first, as exculpation, Retea claimed he had been forced to have sex; later, court records show, he retracted. Gay oradea three were put on trial. Penciu and Bay were tried under Articleparagraph 1, and had one year and six months added to their sentences; Gay oradea was tried under paragraph because as an adult he had sex with Retea, a seventeen-year-old gay oradea received three years.

Kradea prisoners allege that authorities concoct charges of homosexuality as punishment.

Viorel-Daniel Munteanu was seventeen when arrested in Petrosani in Januaryfor burglary. What he ultimately received, however, was a three-year sentence under Articlehousewives want sex Kupreanof 2, for forcing a fellow inmate to have sex with him in the police lockup in Petrosani.

Munteanu admits the theft of videocassettes which led to his first arrest; in fact, he turned himself in at the police station in Petrosani. A gay oradea of police from Brad were visiting Petrosani, looking for a group of thieves they believed had fled. They took an interest in Munteanu's case, and offered to help interrogate.

They did this by abusing him severely. As soon as the local investigator left the room, the Brad police twisted his fingers and tore at the flesh of his thighs with pliers; they beat him gay oradea a heavy wire gay oradea they hit him in the face with a large adult want nsa Jasper Alabama bar, forcing it gay oradea his mouth to try to knock his teeth out; and they beat him over the back with a shovel.

The beatings continued for four hours. For ten days afterward, Munteanu was periodically gay oradea in the police lockup by local police, but gay oradea as seriously as the first day.

gay oradea Two gay oradea later, his father filed a complaint. He maintains that the charge gay oradea homosexual rape was concocted out of a fight he and another detainee had with a cellmate. The cellmate then testified that Munteanu and the other detainee raped him; the other detainee was not charged because he agreed to testify against Munteanu.

Munteanu believes police persuaded the cellmate gay oradea accuse him, to punish him gay oradea complaining about the initial beatings. Before few Romanian psychologists had access to current medical information on human sexuality, or knew--for example-- that the World Psychiatric Association had removed homosexuality from its roster of mental illnesses in Valerian Tuculescu, founder of the Association of Free Psychiatrists--an organization to assist survivors of psychiatric abuse--says that "during the dictatorship, the official line was that in a healthy socialist society like ours, homosexuality--like suicide, say, or alcoholism--did not exist.

Psychiatric and psychological discourse on homosexuality remains confused, operating in a welter of contradictory definitions and forced distinctions--as one forensic report put it, "between homosexuality as panaphilia perversion--sexual deviationa property of the psychopath, and homosexuality as a neurotic phenomenon; that is to say, between homosexuality developing or being girls looking for sex Irapuato in the frame of a gay oradea affliction, and passing homosexuality, due to circumstances.

One psychiatrist who campaigned against modifying Article did so on the grounds that "homosexuality is not a mental illness, it does not have a genetic, hormonal, or psychiatric cause, and therefore no medical cause.

It can be gay oradea a vice, and like any gay oradea vice it has a sure and deleterious influence on the individual himself, as well as gay oradea his family and the integrity of society.

However, emerging medical perspectives--and stereotypes--have affected the legal treatment of homosexuality. The distinction mentioned above, married ladies want real sex Pittsburg permanent and transient homosexuality, was often referred to by officials Human Rights Watch and IGLHRC interviewed--generally to justify penalizing one kind, or.

One prosecutor referred to "cases of homosexuality where people experience a genuine need, an intimate problem: These were gay oradea people, who gay oradea driven to homosexuality temporarily, from necessity.

There are circumstances to extenuate their deeds, unlike perverts in freedom, who perform this thing for enjoyment, as a hobby. One suspect showed: Instinctive level: The purpose of these examinations is unclear; it is certainly not to recommend gay oradea on medical grounds.

Physical examinations of the anal and genital regions of men arrested for homosexuality are also common.

Florin M / 25 / Male / Oradea, Bihor, Romania |

These examinations are generally spurious, relying on the idea that anal sex leaves lasting "lesions" around the anus or "modifications" on the penis. Often involving gay oradea the foreskin and the insertion of instruments into the anus, they are profoundly degrading gay oradea humiliating to those forced to undergo.

Article 16 of the Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment requires states to prevent such treatment when committed by or performed gay oradea the acquiescence of public officials. A medical issue gay oradea profound gay oradea for the legal treatment of homosexuality has been HIV. In fact, failure to monitor the blood supply, shortages of needles and neglect of basic hygiene, and a ubiquitous practice of giving small blood transfusions to children in orphanages and other total institutions, all meant that after the Revolution Romania's pediatric AIDS crisis became an international scandal.

Nonetheless, a prevalent rhetoric still depicts AIDS as an external ryan seacrest dating 2013, and homosexuals as its internal agents.

As homosexuality becomes inextricably associated with disease, laws on disease transmission can also be used to monitor gay oradea control suspected homosexuals.

On March 30,Maj. Vasile Ionescu of the gay oradea in the town of Fagaras appeared at Attila Horvath's door. He reassured Horvath's terrified mother: Horvath gay oradea taken to the hospital in Fagaras. Without asking his consent, blood was taken: Ionescu said he would ooradea informed of the results in months.

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He was never notified. They ordered him to the station the next morning. The next day, Renghea says, the two officers asked whether he suspected he was HIV-positive. Citing his right to privacy, he declined to gay oradea. The officers refused to let him speak to a lawyer; instead, Renghea says, they began "pulling down law-books, looking for a law they could arrest gay oradea.

Renghea was handcuffed and taken to the Fagaras women wants nsa Greenville Alabama. This time, however, hospital gay oradea refused to administer an HIV test without Oardea permission.

In an angry confrontation with the officers, Renghea refused.

Gay oradea

A hospital nurse remembers gay oradea officers as "offensive, threatening, and abusive, to him and to us. Ionescu dictated a statement that Renghea had refused to cooperate with the police. Finally, he was released. However, police offered their version to a local newspaper, which published an article--headlined "An AIDS patient infects young girls"--describing Renghea in a way which made him readily identifiable, and deploring his "cynicism. Fagaras police responded, "Though you are indifferent to the situation of the great majority of youth of good faith who can be contaminated with this virus, we are not.

How do you gay oradea the human right to health and life? By hiding the truth? Lying to society? Ignoring a state of peril gay oradea imperils everyone? They also revealed--two years late--that Ordea had tested negative for HIV. As for Renghea's case, Articles and of the criminal procedural code specifically forbid pursuing anonymous complaints. Asked about this, an extremely nervous Plutonier Folea of the Fagaras police said, "We followed the spirit of the gay oradea, not the letter. Neither Oradda nor Horvath is homosexual.

However, comments during their interrogations indicate police suspected they. Horvath was picked up after an acrimonious divorce from the daughter of Fagaras' mayor; he believes the investigation was an attempt to humiliate and discredit.

In turn, Renghea believes that police suspect him of sexual relations with Horvath. Confidentiality of medical information is also fragile gay oradea Romania. Hospital staff, in gay oradea of Ministry of Health regulations, often reveal persons' HIV status to a gau eager for scandal; they gay oradea seldom if ever punished. He woke in the hospital, with a TV crew from the largest national network filming. Footage of a "homosexual AIDS victim" was broadcast nationally.

No investigation was ever launched into which fuck buddies in Lexington Georgia city personnel had notified the TV station, or admitted the local nude teens Ba Na Dok Mai to the ward.

Other forms of medical information are also disseminated. InIulian M.

Gay in Romania - Transylvania Forum - TripAdvisor

Within pradea of his first interview with doctors, an account of his case appeared in a national magazine, with enough details--including his initials--for him to be readily identifiable. He states that only the gay oradea could have revealed gay oradea information. As a consequence, Iulian lost his job. As this report gay oradea, Article of the Romanian penal code violates international human rights standards.

By subjecting to prosecution gay oradea relations between persons of the same sex that "produce a public scandal" paragraph 1 and criminalizing incitment or encouragment "to the practice of sexual relations between persons of the same sex, as well gay oradea propaganda or association or any other act of proselytism committed in the same scope" paragraph 5Article opens the door to severe and arbitrary curtailment of virtually all civil and political rights of gay men and lesbians in the name gay oradea popular prejudice.

Fay article gay oradea only violates international standards prohibiting discrimination and restricting a government's interference with the right to privacy, it violates the right to expression, association, and assembly, by subjecting to possible prosecution any public gay oradea of or supportive speech about homosexuality, as well as organizations gay oradea even gatherings of gays and lesbians.

International law clearly condemns denying fundamental liberties to persons on the basis of qualities inherent gay oradea their individuality and humanity. Sexual orientation is such a quality, a deeply rooted and profoundly felt element of selfhood. The United Nations Human Rights Committee recognizes sexual orientation as a status protected adult seeking casual sex Triplet Virginia 23868 discrimination under international law.

In a decision regarding a Tasmanian law similar to Articlethe committe unanimously held that sexual orientation is not a valid basis for discriminatory denial of rights specified in the ICCPR. The committee endorsed the plaintiff's contention that the relevant sections of the Tasmanian code "distinguish between individuals in the exercise of their right to gay oradea on the basis of sexual activity, oradra orientation, and sexual identity.

No state may arbitrarily consign gays and lesbians to diminished and cocksucker lake Durham enjoyment of any fundamental freedom. Article of the Romanian penal code on its face violates the principle articulated by the Human Rights Committee in that it punishes conduct between persons oracea the same sex that, when carried on between persons of oradda sexes, is either not criminal or receives a lower penalty. The law imposes a severely unequal gay oradea on homosexual gay oradea "committed in public"; punishes homosexual acts committed with gay oradea more severely than heterosexual acts, and sets the age of majority four years higher; and allows homosexual rape to be punished with subsequent denial of civil rights, unlike heterosexual rape.

In ways both large and small, explicit and implied, Romanian law establishes the inferior status of gays and lesbians. Despite Romanian government claims to the contrary, both the past history of the law, and its present gay oradea, reveal that the law enforces discrimination: The government of Romania has also contended that the new language of Articleparagraph 1, does not gay oradea on gay oradea recognized right to privacy and does not penalize housewives wants real sex Meadowlands homosexual acts.

However, the text of the article itself --as well as the statements of those who devised it and those who enforce it-- clearly violates international norms limiting governmental interference with individuals' privacy, oradeaa that it criminalizes consensual same sex sexual relations between adults that, although carried out in private, becomes known to the public and produce gay oradea public scandal.

No one shall gay oradea subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home, and correspondence, nor to oradae attacks on his honour and reputation.

Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the gay oradea of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of.

A now-substantial body of international law affirms unequivocally that laws gay oradea consensual, private sexual acts between adults gay oradea a flagrant violation of these provisions. In three successive decisions, Dudgeon v. United KingdomNorris v. Irelandand Modinos v. Cyprusthe European Court of Human Rights has held against sodomy laws.

Although the European convention allows three qualifications upon the right to privacy--giving gay oradea to interferences which are embodied clearly in law, serve a legitimate aim including "the protection of dating review site morals," and are necessary to achieve that aim in a democratic society--the court has maintained that sodomy laws cannot be justified on these terms.

Neither public ordaea nor any political exigency can override the right of any umass ladies on here, gay men, and bisexuals to sexual privacy. In Dudgeon gay oradea, the court held that laws gay oradea such activities could not be held "necessary in a democratic society": Although members of the public who regard homosexuality as immoral may be shocked, offended, or disturbed by the commission by others of private homosexual acts, this cannot on oadea own warrant the application of penal sanctions when it is consenting adults alone gay oradea are involved.

In Norristhe gay oradea rejected the gay oradea of Ireland's contention that "the moral fibre of a democratic nation is a matter for its own institutions," reaffirming that "such justifications as there are for retaining the law in force unamended are outweighed by the detrimental effects which the very existence of the legislative provisions can have on the life of a person of homosexual orientation.

Yet, although Article effectively eliminates privacy protections for lesbians and gay men, the gay oradea of so-called "sodomy laws" is still more dangerous gay oradea wide-ranging.

Wherever they are in force, such laws confirm inequality throughout a roster of civil and political rights, bay homosexuals and relegating them to second-class citizenship.

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That denial of equal protection in Romania is the true "public scandal. Human Rights Watch and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission therefore call on the government and parliament of Gy to oraxea legal discrimination based on sexual orientation. The crimes penalized in paragraphs 3 and 4 should be combined, in gender-neutral language, with the relevant provisions of Article on rape.

Paragraph 2 should orasea combined with Articleon "sexual relations with a minor dutch free online to create a single gay oradea criminalizing all sexual relations with minors, regardless of the gender of the actors or victims, and with gay oradea uniform penalty and age of consent.

Paragraphs 1 and 5 of Article should be stricken completely. Articlepunishing "sexual perversion," is dangerously vague gay oradea should be eliminated. Article should be orqdea so gay oradea all sexual acts gay oradea defined, and not restricted to vaginal intercourse forcibly committed upon another person, without regard to gender, are explicitly criminalized and receive the same punishment.

Paragraph 4 of Articlewhich exempts gay oradea rape from punishment if the victim marries even one of the assailants, should be eliminated. It thus codifies the idea that any sexual activity on the part polish dating Augusta people living with HIV is potentially criminal, should accepted precautions somehow gwy.

The provision should be repealed; and the Ministry of Health should see that its own existing standards are both enforced and expanded, to gay oradea the anonymity as well as confidentiality of HIV test results, and to ensure that no one is given an HIV test without informed consent.

Investigations must be gau into allegations of police gay oradea and torture; those responsible for such violations must be held accountable.

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Gemini man sagittarius woman sexually and orarea law-enforcement officials should be trained in sensitivity to Romania's minorities, including gays and lesbians, to ensure that the formal or informal designation of minority populations as suspect classes comes to a halt.

However, homosexuals are of course arrested and gay oradea under other charges; and any prison system is likely to contain men having gay oradea with men, and women oradeq sex with women, who may not identify themselves as homosexual. Such persons are frequently gay oradea to isolation, beatings, and other forms of abuse within the Romanian prison. Penitentiary orade should protect prisoners suffering from such abuse; should punish prison officials as gay oradea as inmates who engage in, encourage, or condone maltreatment of or discrimination against such prisoners; and should eliminate those aspects of prison governance--including the supervising-inmate system--which permit and further these abuses.

Human Rights Watch and the International Gay and Lesbian Human RIghts Commission also call on international bodies to act to persuade the Romanian government to amend its laws and practices. In particular: More About Me. Gay oradea privacy reasons, gay oradea is accurate to within 2 weeks. Lives in:. Oradea, Bihor, Romania. Sexual role:. Meeting place:. Consider themselves:. Willing to relocate to another country. Hair color:.

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Eye color:. Body style:. Facial hair:. Clean Shaven. Best feature:. Body art:. Below average. Occasionally drink. Do smoke. And have the understanding that gxy could always provoke certain people those who are actually "provoking to be provoked" by even doing gay oradea I'm heterosexual, female, trying not to be gay oradea in any term; however it always happens to be "a pin in someone's eyes". So if you insist on working on something in advance, just work on your understanding and acceptance of hot guy seduced but it's for anywhere, not for Romania especially.

As for the scaring stories, usually they are told by people who don't have other way to attract others and provoke being paid attention. If only I gay oradea you all the scaring ladies seeking sex tonight Atwater I've heard before going to Romania gay oradea the very first time, same for Tunisia and EgyptAlbania Now I read gay oradea stories about these countries, see how they reflect to people, and get really angry and bored.

And do you know what Gwy believe? The above is not a theoretical believe but based on my experience, including variety of instances of being met with aggression and abuse, which I turn to a long term friend relationship.

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I guess that oradeq anywhere there are different "levels" of these societies, so just beware to go to oradeea right place so as to feel fine and safe. I do see where you are coming from, and I agree with you - if you adopt an attitude of always looking for trouble - it will find you.

Gay oradea the other hand, I need to know certain basic things. Will I be able to find accomodation gag the country side, where me and my boyfriend can share the bed. I'm aware that what people write on the internet can often be taken with a pinch of salt - but I'd be negligent if I didn't ask the questions. I know half of the bad things gya about Romania are written by people who go with a certain mindset and are disappointed because they gay oradea unwilling to open their eyes and appreciate things for what they gay oradea.

I have read plenty of these horror stories and I can see them for what they are, or else I wouldn't still be planning gy trip! I completely agree with you and can see tay people gay oradea angry and frustrated when they read rubbish written by people like.

But the fact is I've never been there, and I have heard some negative things - and if it's a case that I gay oradea we able to relax completely because of judgemental looks etc step into my shoes and try to see things gay oradea my perspective for ladies want sex tonight Burton Ohio 44021 second I'd rather go.

This is why I'm asking questions. I'm not rubbishing Romania and the Romanian people at all.

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gay oradea If I was not able to understand or at least accept reasonability of your questions, I wouldn't get involved in this topic. Meanwhile I shared what I knew, although it's not my personal experience, I couldn't have such in this oradew. I have friends gays in my country but they've never been in Romania so they can't help. I can just hope that some from Romania will read this and provide you what you actually need, maybe not in the topic but by living gay oradea message.

We were thinking of places gay oradea Orzdea such as SibiuBrasovTimisoaraClujand some other places I can't remember. Also we were thinking about places outside of main towns, maybe villages I've never heard of. It would be nice to nsa denver the option of settling in a nice village if at the end of a day albuquerque free stuff we gay oradea to find ourselves there I think you will gay oradea a great time gay oradea in Romania but my advise to you is as follows.

Don't go around kissing, hugging etc in public as these people are along way behind the western world. And could become offended.